There are two trusts which look after land donated to the community.

Littleworth Reading Room and Playing Field Charitable Incorporated Organisation
Littleworth’s Reading Room and playing field were both placed into trust for the benefit of the parish of Littleworth. Originally they were managed as separate trusts, set up in 1923 and 1951 respectively. Today both are managed by a single Charitable Incorporated Organisation, set up in April 2021.

There are 5 trustees. The trustees are required to take into account the views of the community to:

  • manage the preservation of the assets through routine maintenance
  • improve the assets as deemed necessary and justifiable
  • make them available for the whole population of the parish of Littleworth community at all times

There is no imperative that a trustee should be a resident of the parish, however they must be knowledgeable of the community, have its best interests at heart and provide a positive and beneficial input to the operation of the charity.

The single bedroom Reading Room flat, let on a commercial tenancy, has provided income which has funded maintenance and minor improvements of both the Reading Room and the Playing Field assets.

A list of the trustees and key holders is in the entrance porch to the Reading Room and on the village noticeboard. They can also be reached by email at .

The Old School Playground
The Old School Playground was the playground for the village school built around 1854 by Oriel College. The school closed in 1961, due to the small numbers of local children. The school playground was placed into a trust by Oriel College for the community on 28th March 1968.

The responsibility for the trust is with the Parish Meeting, with the trustees being the incumbent Chairman of the Parish Meeting and the Proper Officer of the District Council.