Election of Littleworth Reading Room & Playing Field CIO Trustees


7th December 2022

In accordance with the Littleworth Reading Room & Playing Field Charitable Incorporated Organisation Constitution, two of the existing trustees are required to retire this month, the retiring trustees may stand for re-election.

If there is anyone who wishes to put themselves forward for the position of trustee please make themselves known to the trustees by 15 February 2023. The trustee’s email address is ciotrustee@gmail.com.

A brief description of the experience of a prospective trustee, that they feel would be of benefit to the CIO, especially any previous experience as a charity trustee and whether they have any experience of handling building maintenance or managing rental property, should be provided with an application. An assessment of the amount of time that they would be able to commit to the assist in the running of the charity will also be necessary.

As required by the CIO Constitution, all replacement trustees will be selected and appointed by the existing board of trustees, based upon applicant merits.

David Mackay.

Trustee, on behalf of the Board of Trustees

Littleworth Reading Room & Playing Field CIO.